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Trophy Wild Hog Hunts in Texas

Discover Trophy Texas Hogs in West Texas

What Makes Trophy Wild Hog Hunts Exciting?

Trophy wild boars are not your average prey. These majestic beasts have endured the challenges of survival in the wild, making them intelligent and cautious. They’ve fought for food, territory, and their lives, resulting in a level of cunning that demands respect. While hunting shows may depict trophy hogs as abundant and easily harvested, the reality is quite different. These older, wiser creatures are formidable opponents, and bagging one is a true test of skill and patience.

Our Trophy Hog Hunts

At Dos Plumas Ranch, we take pride in offering high shot opportunities on our trophy wild boar hunts. Our trophy hogs boast impressive cutters capable of inflicting serious damage. Just imagine the thrill of bringing down a 353-pound trophy wild boar! Your trophy hog will not only make an impressive addition to your collection but will also provide endless opportunities for bragging rights.

Discover Trophy Texas Hogs in West Texas

Are you ready for an exhilarating adventure? Embark on a trophy wild hog hunt at Dos Plumas Ranch! Wild hog hunting is often compared to the thrill of a grizzly bear hunt. It’s not just exciting; it’s potentially dangerous and incredibly fun!

Trophy Hog Hunting Package

Price Per Hunter: $850

Package Includes:

  • 2 Days of Semi-Guided Hog Hunting
  • 2 Nights Lodging at the Ranch
  • 1 Trophy Texas Hog with Cutters
  • Ranch Transportation
  • No Trophy Fees or Hidden Costs

You can extend your hunt with additional days for $275 each, including 1 day of hunting, 1 night of lodging, and 1 hog of any size. Extra hogs are available for $150 each but do not meet trophy classification. Optional extra nights of lodging are available at $35 per person.

Our lodge offers spacious accommodations with a full kitchen, and our facilities include a skinning area and walk-in cooler for your convenience. All you need to bring is your favorite hunting rifle.

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